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Family Law Practice Areas


Divorce can seem complicated and overwhelming. Brent Kuhn can offer his expert legal advice to help you navigate the complex issues that may arise in your case. Our firm offers free consultations to help you make well-informed decisions about your case and your choice for legal representation.


Brent Kuhn has experience in representing clients on matters related to paternity, child custody, and support including those for unmarried parents who need to legally establish their rights related to their child/children.


Brent Kuhn has experience in step-parent adoptions and is able to guide you through the legal process.

Family Agreements

Brent Kuhn has experience in the preparation of premarital and cohabitation agreements to avoid future costly legal proceedings.

Estate Litigation

Brent Kuhn Law provides legal services to clients in need of legal representation on matters pertaining to estate disputes, guardianships, conservatorships, and the litigation created by these matters.

Business Divorce

A business divorce generally means that the co-owners seriously disagree about how to fundamentally run their business and in many cases need to divide assets so they may go their separate ways or initiate a buy-out. Brent Kuhn Law helps business clients navigate these difficult and stressful matters.

Restraining/Protective Orders

Brent Kuhn has experience in both obtaining and defending clients on these contested matters.

About Us

Brent Kuhn has been helping families and small businesses navigate domestic and family law for almost 30 years. His experience includes spousal and business divorce, step-parent adoptions, paternity, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, and estate litigation. Brent received his Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the University of Iowa and received his Juris Doctorate from Creighton University School of Law.

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